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Our Collective Goal is Positive Global Impact

We are a team of individuals who are bringing the world of wellness in Web3. Our experience ranges from energy healing to law to business strategy, and we all share one mission: 

To bring improved mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to 1 billion people worldwide, by building a platform for conscious, effective healers and transformational artists (collectively, Heartists) to offer their gifts to the world.


Everyone on our team not only has their area of relevant expertise, but also their own experience of how alternative healing has transformed their lives, as well as their own special gifts.



Sheli Bowman

Chief Executive Officer

25 years in business strategy and digital marketing, getting clients 10x ROI. Healing energy practitioner. MBA. 

Ryan Fix

Chief Marketing Officer

Founding pioneer in the co-working, co-living movements. Life focus is community engagement.

Monin Ung

Head of Legal

More than 25 years of legal practice in crypto, art, biotech. Deeply spiritual and aligned with Zenful.

Rani Tobing

Marketing Manager

Professional dancer and marketing specialist. Community empowerment; creative arts. Founder of Heels to Heal.

Omer Shavit

Business Development Manager

A decade in business development and customer service. Avid tarot reader and healing practitioner.

Ainun Qolby

Brand Manager

Branding and communications expert for NGOs and TEDx, specialising in culture, society and media. 



Gino Yu

Professor of Media, HKPU

International speaker, authority on consciousness, creative development and meaningful media.

Deepak Chopra

Founder, The Chopra Foundation

Committed to helping create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and joyful world.

Jyoti Ma

Founder, Nexus Center for Consciousness

Dedicating her life to supporting and empowering individuals in conscious communities.

James Anderson

CEO, Rio DeFi

Blockchain advocate and investor. Token economics expert and serial crypto entrepreneur.

Yanling Duan

Founder, BlockBase Venture, heARTech EduFund and Open Heart Design Alliance Foundation

SDG Convergence, empowerment and leadership.

Stephen Altair

Founder, The Conscious Accelerator

Facilitating alignment, transformation and healing for business and entrepreneurship.

David Verdasi

Founder, Human Potential Research Developers

Blockchain advocate and investor. Token economics expert and serial crypto entrepreneur.

Trey Stinnet

Alliance of Conscious Entrepreneurs

15 years' experience with helping conscious businesses build communities.

Calvin Ng

President, Rio DeFi

Life time investing and innovating. Vast know-how in the TMT, blockchain and crypto currency space.